About Peter Hartley

Now in my third career …

… reflecting longstanding commitment to effective innovation and staff development in curriculum design, delivery and assessment, working with academic and support staff across institutions, with a particular focus on the use of new technology to enhance student learning.

This has included:

  • development/implementation of institutional strategies/policies.
  • leadership of national funded development projects (e.g. JISC, HEA).
  • development and production of award-winning educational software.
  • effective leadership and innovation in academic staff development.
  • national initiatives (e.g. Critical Friend to JISC Curriculum Delivery Programme).


As academic lecturer (psychologist working in Communication Studies), I developed a reputation for innovative curriculum design and delivery, working across disciplinary and faculty boundaries. This included: developing the first UK courses in this area; delivering modules incorporating problem-based and enquiry-based group learning to virtually every faculty; early innovation in the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT); and writing/editing textbooks in communication, including one early desktop-published collection on ICT in education. This led from departmental management to faculty and institutional roles in educational development, and national recognition as one of the first National Teaching Fellows in 2000 when I was also awarded a Professorship in Communication.


I moved to Bradford in 2003 as Professor of Education Development, to lead the educational development unit, expanded my experience and expertise, especially in strategic and policy development at institutional level. I was also able to lead innovation in both certificated and ongoing academic staff development, and expand my leadership and management of externally funded projects (JISC, HEA). Throughout my career, I have maintained a national profile through projects, publications and presentations (e.g. I have recently delivered, with colleagues, one edited book on learning development, one skills guide for students, one new edition of established educational software, and one new software application, as well as completing a successful national project on assessment strategies).


Now working as an independent consultant, I am continuing to work on online learning materials (Interviewer packages) while maintaining my profile in educational strategies (e.g. further work on assessment and new technology) and associated evaluation/research/publications.

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