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September 2017

NB This site is work in progress.

I was thinking about using the WordPress theme that looks like some of the computers  we played with when I started to get involved in what we now call learning technology – I remember the day when a computer with 32k RAM was delivered, doubling the memory from the previous model. How we laughed and cheered!

Could life get any better …..

It most certainly could – the technology that we now take for granted (how many devices do you carry around in your day?) gives us the potential to transform the ways we teach and communicate. And that is a major theme that runs through the content on this site.

If you have come across this page, please contact me by email or through social media, especially if you would like to discuss any of the following:

  • project management and evaluation.
    See my projects page for a list of the major projects I have been involved in this century and/or if you would like to explore my collaborative approach to project evaluation which has been used successfully by a number of national project (and which uses concept maps as the key vehicle for development and reporting).
  • assessment strategies and feedback
    The PASS project which I led from University of Bradford uncovered some pioneering work which demonstrated the value of programme-focussed-assessment. Details of workshops on this and other aspects of assessment and feedback practice are available.
  • concept mapping
    We now have the software (e.g. Cmap) to allow all students to express their knowledge in visual ways which are easy to share and can help them develop their analytic skills. My workshop on this will have you up and running after one session.
  • interviewee skills and development/training
    My Interviewer software won awards and received excellent feedback as a DVD for students seeking practice in career/job interviews and for research students preparing for their viva. I am trying to convert this into an online service – do you want to help?
  • interpersonal/group/organisational communication.
    See my ‘Publications and Presentations” page for details of previous publications. Currently working on plans for a new edition of Interpersonal Communication.

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Higher Education Consultant, Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University, and National Teaching Fellow, with main interests in learning, assessment and the effective application of new technologies.

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